What is Bakuchiol and How Does it Benefit Skin?

Bakuchiol is one of the most raved about natural skincare ingredients in recent years. Collagen stimulating, skin brightening, plumping, pore minimising, regenerating and firming, this natural active has a host of benefits and is often called “Natural Retinol”. 

Bakuchiol vs Retinol for Skin

Most of us have heard about retinol, whether skincare fanatics or not. Naturally present in deep layers of skin, retinol reportedly reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing, plumps, smoothes, and evens out skin tone. Unfortunately retinoids are known to be unstable, cause irritation and sensitivity. 

Why Bakuchiol is Australia’s Anti-Ageing Super Ingredient

In comes the plant-derived Bakuchiol to save the day – with all the same claims as retinol and more, with none of the downsides. Plus, it’s all natural!

An exciting plant-derived active, Bakuchiol offers all the benefits of synthetic retinol, with less risk of irritation and photosensitivity, and it has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties too!

What Skin Type is Bakuchiol Good For?

Bakuchiol is excellent for all skin types, especially mature, dry and sun damaged skin as it promotes collagen and elastin. 

It’s the perfect ingredient for those with sensitive skin wanting restorative and anti-ageing benefits who would find retinol too irritating, and are keen to keep their skincare natural.

What is Bakuchiol Made From?

It occurs naturally in the Babchi (Psoralea Corylifolia) or Otholobium plants which are flowering plants in the legume family (Fabaceae). 

A popular ayurvedic skincare ingredient, babchi seeds are known for their countless benefits.

Babchi oil is rich, thick and dark with an aromatic and herbacious smell.

My Own Experience of Bakuchiol’s Benefits For My Skin

I discovered bakuchiol a few years ago while researching the best natural active skincare ingredients to include in the Azur range.

I was especially interested in plant-based actives that combat sun damage and the signs of ageing. Bakuchiol tops that list and is highly effective.

After years of sun exposure from travelling, my delicate fair English skin started showing signs of ageing more rapidly after moving to Australia in 2014. As a natural health and wellness enthusiast who avoids chemicals, I love the power of plants in skincare and bakuchiol is one of the best natural actives available.

Azur Products Containing Bakuchiol

Two Azur products that contain bakuchiol are Azulene Antioxidant Face Oil and Bondi Facial Beauty Balm, below.

These two naturally-blue coloured moisturising face products are two of the most popular Azur products, as well as my own personal favourites.


Anna ?⁠

Founder, Azur Pure Skincare