What makes Azur Pure Skincare sustainable and ocean friendly?

We do everything possible to help the environment and all of our products are:

Packaged in glass, aluminium, paper, card or compostable pouches with no single use plastics.

Closed loop. This means the packaging doesn’t have to end up in landfill as it’s either dissolvable or returnable.

Delivered in boxes made from cardboard, padded with paper, dissolvable packaging nuggets and sticky tape that’s landfill biodegradable.

Carbon neutral delivery – our couriers Sendle and post partners AustPost offset their emissions.

Locally sourced ingredients that are natural and organic, non-toxic and greywater safe.

What are refills?

When your products are running low you can order a ‘refill’ version. The refill either comes in a compostable pouch or in the same bottle it arrived in but with an aluminium lid.

Refills vary depending on the product type as follows:

Liquid products (washes and lotions) in a pump bottle have refill versions with an aluminium lid. When your original product is running low simply order a refill, keep your original pump and send empty bottles back to us free-post.

Dry products (powders or bath salts) come in glass jars and have compostable paper pouch refills. Keep your original glass apothecary jar forever and order refill pouches to keep them topped up. Easy!

Moisturisers in jars are just a straight swap – return your empties free-post and we’ll sanitise and reuse them.

Returning empties

Save all of your empties ’til you have four or more, then email us for a postage label. If you have a printer, print the label on A4 paper, stick it on the box of empties and leave outside your door to be picked up! If you don’t have a printer we can send you a label in the post, then you can put the labelled box in a post box. How empties returns work.

Why keep and reuse pumps?

The pumps and some jar lids are the only element of our packaging with some plastic components. We want to keep as little plastic in circulation as possible to keep it out of our oceans. By keeping the pumps and returning empties it’s a closed loop, zero waste system.

Is it sustainable to send back empty bottles by post, given the delivery carbon emissions?

We use a carbon neutral delivery service for customers to send empties back to us for re-use. This means it’s a closed loop system with no waste and emissions are offset.

Is re-using better than recycling?

All Azur bottles returned to us are sanitised and reused. This saves the energy, processing and mileage required for recycling, and saves waste from ending up in landfill. The vast majority of waste intended for recycling – 79% – is accumulating in landfill or in the natural environment. Meaning: at some point, much of it ends up in the oceans, the final sink. (Source: National Geographic)

Do I have to return empties?

No, you can also keep and reuse them for other purposes or recycle them if you prefer.

Can I recycle empties?

Yes. All Azur jars and bottles are glass or aluminium so they can be recycled if you choose not to send them back, for example if they get damaged and can’t be re-used.

Can I return chipped or damaged empties?

No, we can’t use them if they’re damaged so please don’t return them. Any damaged empties can be recycled. The glass and aluminium bottles are fairly robust, but can dent or chip if dropped.

Can I send any brand of empty bottles or jars to you?

No, please only send Azur bottles and jars, as we can only sanitise and re-use our own packaging and would have no use for other bottles as they won’t fit our brand, boxes or labels.

Why not just use bar soaps instead of liquid soaps to avoid plastic bottles?

We want to offer sustainable convenience and effectiveness all in one. Many people find bar soap too drying for regular use, especially on the face and body. Bar soap is made up of different ingredients and tends to have a harsher PH than liquid wash, which means it can strip natural oils and dry skin out.

We believe that in order for eco friendly skincare to be adopted more widely it needs to have the same convenience that people are used to, but perform better! 

Why aren’t the pumps entirely metal?

They will be in future! We chose pumps which work well and are available from our local Australian supplier. They’re a mix of metal and plastic. The pumps get kept and reused by customers, so it’s not single-use plastic. We have scoured suppliers to find pumps made entirely from metal including the straw, and haven’t found any. In future we’d love to have an all-metal pump custom-made. We want to be part of positive change in the market, and all-metal pumps will be a huge step in the right direction.

Can I refill the bottles with other products like another hand wash?

You can do whatever you want! Of course, we’d love you to refill with Azur skincare products, because we know they’re the best. 😉 We incentivise you financially to buy Azur refills as they cost less than the pump bottles. So once you’ve paid for the bottle with a pump, you don’t have to pay for it again. You just keep the pump and order a new full bottle, then return your empties and aluminium lids when you’re ready.

Where are Azur products sold?

Azur products are available to buy here on our website, with some products available on Ecobuy and I’m Plastic Free, and soon to be in some other online marketplaces, spas, hotels and shops.

If you’d like to see Azur in your local store, please ask them to stock us!

Where are Azur products made?

Our products are made in New South Wales. Some products are made by a cosmetic chemist and others are hand-made in small batches at our Central Coast HQ.

Where do Azur ingredients come from?

All Azur ingredients come from local Australian suppliers and include native botanicals such as lemon myrtle, eucalyptus and blue cypress.

Where is Azur based?

Azur Pure Skincare is based on the Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

When and where was Azur founded?

Azur was born in August 2018 in Bondi Beach, with the first range of products launched in early 2019 on Bondi Beach Markets and online.

Who founded Azur?

Azur was founded by Anna Chatburn who still runs the business today. Anna previously worked in marketing for environmental organisations and innovation-focussed businesses. Anna’s mission is to provide natural effective skincare products that are packaged responsibly and are refillable.

Do you deliver internationally?

Yes! International shipping can be selected at checkout. Please note we don’t accept empties returns from abroad due to the air miles.

How long will my order take to arrive?

It depends on your location and the delivery method you choose. Standard delivery varies between 1 and 7 days depending on location, time of ordering and our delivery partners. Some orders have been delayed since covid. Australia-wide Express delivery should arrive in 1-2 business days.