Face Wash

Face Wash


Natural Face Wash in a Refillable Blue Glass Bottle

Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Essential Oils of Lemon Myrtle & Grapefruit

*Winner Organic Beauty Award 2022 Best Gel Cleanser*

Made with gentle effective natural and organic ingredients, inspired by the waves of the Australian coastline. Softens, nourishes and protects facial skin’s PH and moisture content. Wash with the refreshing natural scent of citrus and bring to mind sparkling fresh ocean waves every day.

Organic Aloe Vera – Famously hydrating & nourishing, contains antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C.
Seaweed Extract – Rich in nutrients and minerals to condition skin.
Grapefruit Peel Oil – Potent antibacterial, anti-fungal and antioxidant.
Lemon Myrtle Oil – Cleansing, balancing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

“This face wash feels pure! It is so lightweight & smells refreshing. The gel cleanses the skin really well, has the perfect lather & it is refillable.” —Amina Kitching.


  • Description



    When empty, order a face wash refill and return empty bottles to help the environment

    We want to ensure no plastic ends up in our oceans, so we offer a closed loop system for empty bottles. How refills and returns work.


    Ingredients: Aloe Vera*, Aqua, Glycerin, Alkyl [C8 to C16] Glucoside, Panthenol, Xanthan Gum, Seaweed Powder, Potassium Sorbate, Lactic Acid, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil*, Rose Seed Oil*, Glucose, Litsea Cubeba Fruit Oil* *Organic

    Free from: Sulfates, Parabens, Lanolin, Mineral oil, Artificial colour, Artificial fragrance, SLS, and Petrochemicals. Vegan & Cruelty Free.

    How to use

    Use morning and night as desired. Dispense one or two pump into hands, lather apply to a wet face in circular motions, then rinse with water. Enjoy! Follow with rejuvenating Azulene Antioxidant Face Oil and Bondi Balm.

    Made in Sydney, Australia

    Made with love in small batches in Bondi Beach, Australia.

    Product care

    Please take care as glass can break if dropped.

    Once opened best used within six months, but should last much longer. Azur products are made from premium natural ingredients, contain natural preservatives and are packaged in a quality controlled environment.

    If your pump ever gets clogged with product residue just stick it in some water and pump it through to clear it.

    We hope you enjoy using your products. If you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch.

    Remember to order refills when your original product is empty, and keep your original pump dispenser.

  • Reviews (9)

    9 reviews for Face Wash

      Marie January 19, 2021

      Great face wash. Looks great, smells great, works really well.

      Annie L January 29, 2021

      Lovely face wash smells really nice. I’ve been looking for a refillable non-plastic and natural one for ages, so happy to find this and it’s Aussie made! X

      Theo January 30, 2021

      Da bomb! The whole eco package -conscious, convenient, works really well smells just lovely and the bottle makes me smile every time I see it’s sparkly blue glass goodness!

      Matt January 30, 2021

      I’ve been looking for a natural refillable face wash in a glass bottle like this for AGES. Works so well smells fab and love the blue glass bottle.

      Fi November 14, 2021

      Such a good face cleanser. Smells really nice, just the right thickness and amount of lather tp wash all dirt and makeup off. My face feels soft and clean each time without ever drying out.

      Laney December 29, 2021

      Love love love everything about this face wash – all natural, gentle, works really well, smells amazing, packaged in beautiful blue glass, and refillable. I’ve been telling all my friends about this brand, love Azur! x

      Stella July 3, 2023

      This face wash is incredible. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed but not over clean and tight. I’m a swim teacher so use only mild products that are gentle on the skin, and this product is Swell 😉

      Tiana August 9, 2023

      I absolutely love this face wash!! It works so well to remove make up and buildup without leaving my face feeling stripped of natural oils, and I have noticed a clear difference in my skin texture since using it. I definitely recommend trying it! I also really love how eco conscious the packaging is and how simple the refill process is.

      Codie August 11, 2023

      This face wash is great. It’s definitely become my staple everyday cleanser. Makes my skin feel clean without making it dry which I really appreciate with my combination skin. Smells great as well and I love that this brand is all about being eco-friendly.

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