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Give The Ocean Some Love This Valentine’s Day By Choosing Zero Waste Skincare Gifts

Azur Pure Skincare is turning Valentine’s Day on its head by encouraging people to give the ocean some love by making the switch to natural refillable skincare products.

Valentine’s Day traditionally generates a lot of packaging waste, with self-care and skincare products high on the list of Valentine’s gifts. Most skincare and bathroom products are still only available packaged in single use plastic containers.

Our oceans are choking with plastic waste which harms marine life and litters beaches. Less than 8% of plastic that’s thrown away by well-meaning consumers (whether in the recycling or landfill bin) actually makes it to be recycled. Many tonnes of it end up in our oceans and waterways.

Azur Pure Skincare Founder Anna Chatburn is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastics from our oceans with a full range of “ocean friendly” Australian made natural skincare products. All the products are packaged in refillable glass and aluminium bottles with no single-use plastics.

To encourage Australians to choose zero waste gifts this Valentine’s and to celebrate their newly expanded ocean friendly skincare line, Azur is offering a free pocket sized ‘Coral’ hand cream with orders this February. Use code OCEANLOVE and it will be automatically added to your order.

Anna wants to bring a feel-good environment-positive message on Valentine’s Day, inviting people to feel the love for our oceans and support a truly sustainable Australian brand.

Azur is a rare fully-circular skincare company that offers freepost returns for customers’ empty bottles, to prevent any packaging waste ending up in the ocean. Each product has a refill version that’s either packaged with an aluminium lid for liquids, or in a compostable pouch for dry powder-based products. 

Plastic is kept to an extreme minimum with no single-use plastics; only the soap and lotion pumps are plastic, and customers retain and reuse those. Azur uses a carbon-neutral courier company to pick up empty bottles and jars from customers’ doorsteps to be sanitised and reused.

The company started in Bondi Beach in 2018 when Azur Founder Anna Chatburn couldn’t find natural face wash or moisturiser packaged responsibly, so she decided to fill the gap herself. She was surprised to find almost no refillable personal care products available, with plain liquid castile soap the only refillable option in her local health food shop, and no refillable options elsewhere.

“I set up Azur as the eco friendly skincare options in Australia were (and still are) very limited to mostly basic products. I couldn’t find a quality natural skincare range in refillable non-plastic packaging. So Azur Pure Skincare was born. Azur is a circular business, offering an Australian-first for a full range of skincare products: free empties returns. Empty bottles can be sent back by customers freepost to be sanitised and re-used. It’s really exciting to be providing a positive solution to the plastic waste problem and to push the refill revolution.” – Anna Chatburn, Founder, Azur Pure Skincare

Anna started selling natural refillable skincare products in summer 2018 at the famous Bondi Beach Markets on weekends, while working in marketing for an innovation consultancy during the week. Customers loved the concept and the business has grown to include additional products.

Azur products are made on the New South Wales Coast with locally sourced natural and organic ingredients. The products are designed to restore skin’s elasticity, texture and radiance with premium botanical ingredients. Cutting edge natural actives like plumping Bakuchiol (‘natural retinol’), hydrating Squalane (vegan squalene) soothing Blue Tansy and detoxifying Blue Spirulina help restore skin damage from exposure to the harsh Australian sun.

Azur celebrates the natural wonders of Australia with its quality locally-sourced botanical ingredients and responsible packaging. The dotted circles and waves of the logo and branding reflect the circular refill system designed to protect our oceans.

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